Lakeland Mountain Guides Launch Walk

28 10 2012

A week of dry weather has just blessed us here in the Lakes, but you can guess what happened today….it rained! Despite this poor forecast we still had an incredible turn out of just under 30 people!

Today was a special day as we had Mr Evan the Great guiding us up Latrigg. After welcoming everyone and introducing them to the Lakeland Mountain Guides Team we set off towards Latrigg.

It was fantastic to see everyone walking together, and an even better feeling when it sunk in that they were all there for our Business. Evan did a fantastic job of guiding us up there, and even pointed out a lot of the surrounding fells, which impressed a lot of people! We reached the bench at the top and we were being blown around by the wind and it was of course still raining. We quickly produced some bottles of bubbly and some yummy cakes made by Lousia Le Voi (the ma-in-law) and shared it all around. After another quick speech at the top we grabbed a summit shot and made our way back towards Keswick.

As we reached Keswick we headed into the Dog and Gun for a celebratory pint!

I would like to thank everyone, whether you were there today or not, once again for their support whilst we have been setting up this new venture, it means the world to us! I hope to see you all soon!


Advanced Navigation Course

13 10 2012

Today I had the pleasure of running an Advanced Navigation Course. The aim of the course was to touch on the finer points of navigation, so instead of following paths and using obvious junctions, we headed for a secluded little patch of Lakeland up by Bessyboot.

This little area holds all sorts of interesting features, as was actually the setting for many night navigation sessions before I did my Mountain Leader Award. Nobody particularly wants to be out on the hills on a horrible day, but if you ever want cloud, it would be on a navigation course! Not that I am complaining, but typically today was gorgeous!

We met in Seatoller and made our way up towards Tarn at Leaves, a beautiful and very quiet little spot! From there we climbed a short distance to the top of Bessyboot, from which we spent the afternoon focussing on bearings and pacings. We had a fab time wandering around this little fell, and so did Lexi when she went for a dip in one of the tarns!

As well as Advanced Navigation Courses I also run Beginners Navigation Courses for anyone who wants to start from scratch.